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Binary Options 30-Minute Strategy

A strategy, with regard to options trading, is basically a set of conditions and tools that a trader implements to ensure that their trades are profitable. Every type of trading strategy in the binary options arena has an underlying set of conditions. These include clear knowledge of the assets traded, […]

A Comprehensive TradeRush Broker Review

Choosing a broker can sometime be a tall task especially when you only access sketchy details about a broker. To make it easier for you, we compile unbiased reviews on brokers which we constantly update. Today, we are going to review TradeRush. TradeRush is a reputable binary options broker who […]

Binary Options Experts Auto Trading

While the binary options trade continues to escalate in its global popularity and general acceptance, its supportive technology is following it at a similar rate. The vast majority of brokers now provide trading platforms with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. But this is far from the block buster feature that […]

Binary Options Historical Data

The binary options trade can be very rewarding if you can identify your preferred trading style and suitable indicators. In addition, you are free to use either of two common forms of analysis – fundamental and technical. In the context of using historical data to earn a profit, we will […]

Binary Options Trading Cedar Finance

Cedar Finance is a premium brokerage company which has been in existence for quite a while now. For the time they have been in existence, this binary options broker has been able to attract a huge following of new traders as well as advanced traders as a result of their […]

Binary Options Momentum Strategy

Momentum in binary options is defined as the advancement of price action in one direction. The momentum strategy is mostly used by short term traders. The binary options market is very fast paced such that trading short term strategies is often a daunting task. The momentum strategy helps traders to […]

OneTwoTrade Broker Review

OneTwoTrade is a renowned binary options broker marketed in the EU by Up & Down Marketing Limited of Abacus, Malta. The broker is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority in Malta under license number MGA/CL2/744/2011 which came in to effect from the 13th October 2011. OneTwoTrade has established […]

Binary Options Returns

One of the nicest features of the binary options trade is that most brokers will generally display the percentage returns that can potentially be generated by each trade if it ends in a positive outcome or ‘in the money’. This is based on your original prediction of the asset price […]

Binary Options Cloner Review

Mirror trading was introduced in the foreign exchange markets during the early 2000s and has since become popular among many small-time traders engaging in most financial trading online. The concept of mirror trading involves making a copy of someone else’s trades and having your trades run on autopilot as the […]

Binary Options Bollinger Bands Strategy

When it comes to trading binary options, the Bollinger bands strategy comes up quite often in conversations between traders. The Bollinger bands indicator was created by John Bollinger, who in the ‘80s created it with the goal of creating an indicator that was adaptive to the market conditions as well […]